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Products- SSP


  • Only choosing a relieved product can accomplish high quality crops.

  • Our own patent is concentrating more than ten kinds of bacteria which the compost needs into half A4 paper size that weight only 33 grams.
  • Therefore SSP is more convenient to transport and the storage may up to one year.


  • SSP is an ultra fermentation promoter concentrates all the nutrition that compost should have.
  • SSP is the ultra accessory material which may manufacture the fine compost rapidly.
  • SSP is not only light, but also easy to use.



  •  SSP may promote to ferment and to decompose fiber, and so the compost contains amino acid, vitamin, nucleic acid, corrosive acid richly.
  • SSP could make kitchen and animals’ waste into excellent organic fertilizer rapidly.
  • The Compost made with SSP could help plants’ growth because of including lots of nutrition necessarily, and use trustily in agriculture, gardening, as well as pat or park plants.