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Products- Sun Jolly Soil


     Use Sun Jolly Soil can :

    othe crop can increase 20%

    the sweetness can up to 2 degree

    reduce the necessary of insecticides


    We sifting bacteria benefit soil by rigorous biotechnology.
    These bacteria can activate and restore the natural state of soil
    destroyed by
    pesticides or chemical fertilizers,

    thus contributing to the healthy growth of crops and flowers.



    1. Maintain soil fertility
      After using Sun Jolly Soil, the new bacteria could improve the physical,
      and biological properties of the soil.

    2. Continue to provide soil nutrients
      After using Sun Jolly Soil, the new bacteria could decompose organic matter
      in the soil to provide
      Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium which are the three basic nutrients plant needed.

    3. Advance the growth of plant
      After using Sun Jolly Soil, the new bacteria could ooze amino acids, nucleic
      acids and
      plant hormones that contribute to breed disease-enduring plant.

    4. Enhance the economic benefits
      After using Sun Jolly Soil, we could reduce pesticide and chemical fertilizer usage,
      and increase crop yields, and  furthermore enhance the economic benefits.

    5. Stable supply of product
      We uphold strict selection of raw material sources and high standards of manufacturing system
      ensure to provide you cheap and stable products at the same time.


      The advantages of Sun Jolly Soil

      1.Increase the formation of granular soil, benefits the drainage.
      The bacteria can decompose organic matters into humus and ooze mucilage
      which promote the soil granular.

      2.Promote the ability of water retention property.
      Humus and mucilage can keep water in the soil, prevent water loosing from
      vaporization which is caused by high temperature.

      3.Providing immediate and long-term nutrients for crops.
      The bacteria can decompose raw materials and turn them into fertilizer in
      short terms, meanwhile, digest nutrients of organic matters and wood flour in the soil and provide to plants gradually.

      4.Adjusting the balance of N,P,K.
      The bacteria can save, provide and Percolate nutrient, provides plants
      apropos nutrients. 

      5.Turning the hazardous substances into non-toxic material.
      The bacteria can decompose the alkaloid and phenol inside the plants and bark, shorten the interval of continuous farming and speed up the ferment of compost.

      6.Increase the variety and stability of microorganism groups in the soil. 
      Improve the situation of uneven Microorganism distribution which was
      caused by continuous farming and using chemical fertilizer.

      7.Restraining the effects of pathogens to crops.
      The bacteria can renew the microorganism in the soil into balance.

      Turning the acid soil into neutral.

      The electrical conductivity(EC) of the soil
      which chemical fertilizer was spread on is high, that has bad effect on the growing of plants. The bacteria can absorb the salts of humus to promote the propagating of microorganism, also reduce the EC.

      9.Deodorizing the stench of materials.
      There are many kinds of “air sweetening bacteria” which decrease the bad smell of raw materials decomposing.

      10.Improving the decomposition of hard
      -decomposing substance.
      The actinomyces can decompose
      deleterious substance, lignin and other
      fibers in woods, produce lots of humus.